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Makka or Maize Crop Farming Full details

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Introduction Of Maize Crop

Scientific Name- Zea mays L.


Number of Chromosomes-2n=20

In most countries of the Asia-continent, maize Crop is cultivated in a wide area. Maize is cultivated for the purpose of farming, as a remover of maize, used as a fodder and used as a freight maize oil is extracted which is used to make soap and this crop starts with a considerable amount of Which is used for making liquor, is the snack of the rich rich people and the children also eat the postal food as popcorn popcorn That very question over the world to make that not the account that people will see the movie.

Glucose is also prepared from corn. In steep water of Maize Crop, a bacterium Penicillium notatum is produced by producing penicillin, it is used in acetic acid and lactic acid, polishing of shoes, paper, plastic, packing Due to the agriculture sector in the United States.

Maize Crop

Benefit of health with Maize Crop

Mecca powder contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, aluminum, iron, sodium, potassium, and clorin salts. The major is Zein in the protein of corn. Tryptophan, lysine name is now found in essential amino acids in the form of Vitamin A And Vitamin E remains in sufficient quantity

Chemical substance                %Quantity 

Oil                                                     4.0

Stitch                                                 61.9

Water                                                 13.5

Sugar                                                 1.4

Food Fiber                                          2.3

Protein                                               10.0

Magnesium                                        .16

Sulfur                                                 .14

phosphorus                                        .40

Ash                                                    1.4

Major states of India’s maize Crop production

Maize Crop is produced in various states of India including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Maharashtra, TamilNadu, Jharkhand, etc is the principal state of West Bengal.

Maize Crop

varieties of Maize Crop

In India, advanced varieties have been extracted for the cultivation of maize, whose details are given below and also other types of species are grown throughout the world, which has the potential to produce maximum yields at a lower cost.

Kanchan, Ratna, Vikram, Vijay, Shakti, Dhawan Navjyoti, Pratina, Tarun, Shweta, Sona, Naveen, Lakshmi, Agadevi 76, VL 16, VL 88,PS. Comp. 2, PS. Comp.1, Ganga White, Ganges, Lid, High Starch, Himalayan, Sartaj, गंगा 4, गंगा 5, गंगा 7, गंगा 11.


Maize Crop Summer Cropping It can be grown up to 300 meters above sea level, in all stages temperature should be near 25 ° C. For any crop, it can be harmful at any stage, the minimum temperature for seedling should be 10 ° C 60 to 70% relativism should be sufficient for a good growth of the plant.

Soil required

The higher yields of Maize and the more fertile loam soil for the production in which the bike transmission is good, the water exhaust is exquisite and the cholera is found in very large quantity. If the land is not well, Crop cultivation of pH value 6 to 7 ph can be done easily.

Soil Preparation

To cultivate maize, a deep plowing of 15- 20 cm soil should be done lightly if the field is empty in the summer, separation in the summer is more beneficial. Prevention of weed pesticide moth diseases is very helpful by forgetting this First the dhoti should be grown from Harrow cultivator oil by placing the strap in the field for plowing so that the moisture in the field remains.

Sowing time Of Maize Corn

Mecca is good to grow from the early crop, so you have to make maize in the middle of June or till the third week, if irrigation is available to get maximum yield, then sowing of maize should be done about 15 days before the beginning of the season.

Sowing Method

There are two main methods of corn cultivation

1 Recent sowing in kudu

2 Dibling

Seed rate and depth

varieties                        Seed rate (Kg/Hac)                        Distance between queues and seeds

Hybrid varieties                   20-25                                                                 60*25 cm

package varieties                15-20                                                                 45*15-20

for fodder                            40-45                                                                 40*15

For bail in jayed                  20-25                                                                 30*15-20


To get a good yield from nitrogen(N) crop, all the main and formula elements require phosphorus(P), potassium(K) chloride.

                                               For rash                                                                                        for fodder 

N         P         K                                                           N            P              K

Desi                               60         30        20                                                        40           30            20

package                        120       50         40                                                        60          40            30

Hybrid                           100       40          30                                                       60          40            30

mountain area              80        40           30                                                       –              –               –

Maize Irrigation

In the spring, continuous irrigation is done on the difference between maize crop sown for corn or grain or fodder for 8-10 days. In this season, the crop has to be given 4 to 6 irrigations and the grain of 8 to 10 Irrigation is required.


diseases and harmful insect

When we produce a crop of the maize crop, it produces various types of harmful insect moths that harm our crop, some of which are the following diseases.

harmful insect

1 Shoot Fly

2 Cutworm

3 stem borer

4 Aphid

5 Hairy

6 leafroller

7 grasshopper

8 Stalk rot

9 rust


1 Brown stripe downy mildew

2 Downy mildew

3 Seedling Blight

4  Mosaic

5  smut

Harvesting of the maize crop

When the color of corn cob peel leaves white, if the piglet falls loose, then the roast is broken and the bait is harvested after 60 to 65 days after the sowing of the crop, the varieties of crops to be sown for the grains 75 After 85 days, the hybrid package varieties are ready after 90 to 115 days when the moisture content in the grain is less than 25%, then harvesting corn should be done.

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