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About health benefits of groundnut

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Origin and history ofgroundnut

According to scholars, mind-blowing is believed to be born in South America Brazil, it is estimated that peanuts by the Portuguese first brought from Brazil to other countries, the arrival of groundnut in South India probably came from the Philippines, where it was known as Milo Na Kori The arrival of peanuts in Bengal came from China because it is known as Chinese almonds in western India.

The arrival of the arrival of Africa, or directly from Brazil, in India, about the arrival of peanuts in the various opinion of the scientists are the peanut arrived in India in the 17th century but how it happened has remained a matter of controversy till the 19th century. Due to its highest area in the middle of the state of Tamil Nadu, it is believed that peanut cultivation in India can be started in the east of TamilNadu.


health benefits of groundnut

In the peanut, the treasure of health is hidden
Regular consumption causes constipation problem
The possibility of stomach cancer also decreases.


Peanut Benefits 

  • Peanut is very good for the heart. This reduces bad cholesterol and enhances good cholesterol. Peanuts reduce the likelihood of stomach cancer, breast cancer and fungal infection.
  • Peanuts are a very good source of many minerals required for the body such as iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese, copper.
  • An element found in peanut niacin increases the flow of blood in the brain, which prevents Alzheimer’s disease, nervous system vaccines.
  • Due to eating Mungfali decreases the possibility of diabetes. By eating peanuts in a balanced quantity daily, the probability of diabetes is less than 21%. An element called manganese found in peanuts controls blood sugar, helps in the absorption of calcium in the body and makes metabolism intensify.
  • If you want to avoid the stone in the cheek bladder, eat peanuts. By eating peanuts or peanut butter, the probability of becoming cheek bladder stone decreases by 25%.
  • Peanut intake is good in prevention and treatment of Depression. In peanut, there is an aminoseidid called tryptophan which increases the secretion of mood-repair hormone serotonin. By which the mood is good and the mind becomes calm.

For the good development of the growing children, they must take peanut intake. In the peanut, the proper amount of amino acids and proteins required for the body is found, which are good for body growth.

  • Eat peanuts and sharpen your mind. Yes ! The vitamin B3 found in peanuts accelerates the brain process, memory improves. In addition to this, a flavonoid element, called Resverutrol, increases blood supply by 30% in Mind, it keeps the brain healthy and active.
  • Mungfali has a rich amount of fiber. It is also a good source of energy, so it does not seem to be hungry early on food. That is why we should take peanuts for weight management.
  • Disables the famous peanut free radicals for its antioxidant quality. By eating boiled groundnut, the quality of antioxidant, called Biochanin-A and Genistein, also increases.
  • Iron found in peanuts increases red blood cells. Calcium found in peanuts strengthens bones and reduces the chance of getting Osteoporosis in a growing age.
  • Vitamin E, found in peanuts, brings shine to the skin and keeps skin diseases such as dryness away. It maintains skin elasticity, which does not affect the effect of aging on skin.

Precautions in peanut food:

Thyroid patients should not eat peanuts. The ingredient called Goitrogens found in it can unbalance the process of thyroid gland. Peanuts are high-calorie seeds, excessive consumption can lead to obesity, so eat it in a balanced quantity. Do not eat mungfali in patients with kidney or cheek bladder too.

Importance of Groundnut

Peanut is a cheap and good source of botanical protein, 1.3 times the amount of egg in the peanut is 2.5 times the egg and 8 times more protein than the fruit. It is often found in riboflavin and nicotine in sufficient quantities as well as vitamin A, vitamin B1 vitamin B12 is found insufficient the of peanut grains, approximately 45% and 26% of protein is found in the grain of Vitamin E only enough Found in potato is found in groundnut oil

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