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About health benefits of groundnut


Origin and history ofgroundnut According to scholars, mind-blowing is believed to be born in South America Brazil, it is estimated that peanuts by the Portuguese first brought from Brazil to other countries, the arrival of groundnut in South India probably came from the Philippines, where it was known as Milo Na Kori The arrival of […]

Makka or Maize Crop Farming Full details

Introduction Of Maize Crop Scientific Name- Zea mays┬áL. Family-Gramineae Number of Chromosomes-2n=20 In most countries of the Asia-continent, maize Crop is cultivated in a wide area. Maize is cultivated for the purpose of farming, as a remover of maize, used as a fodder and used as a freight maize oil is extracted which is used […]

Paddy Crop Full Details

Origin And History Of Paddy Crop Scientific Name-Oryza Sativa L. Family-Gramineae Number of Chromosomes-2n=24, 40 The oldest burnt rice (Paddy Crop) in the world, found in the excavation of Hansapur city in Uttar Pradesh, this place is said to be 1000 years ago from Isha. The description of paddy is the Hindu texts and the […]

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